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“Success is 95% Mindset and only 5% Strategy”- Bob Proctor

Your success has LESS to do with the strategy you’ve been searching for and EVERYTHING to do with your mind! Has your mind been built and wired for success? Or programmed to fail? You have the power and control to recondition your mind and radically transform ALL unwanted circumstances, conditions and results in your life.


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Hey! I’m Kirsty Kamarauskas


Success Coach, Law of Attraction Mentor & 7 Figure Digital CEO
Mum to 2 gorgeous girls and 2 fur babies
Obsessed with helping others create a business and life by design and without limits.
A 2/5 Projector in Human Design, making me the perfect guide & coach for my clients.

As a serial online entrepreneur, CEO of MindMuse and creator of signature programme Unstoppable, I am obsessed with helping other female entrepreneurs breakthrough to their next level of business, success, income and life. I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs around the world realise how much of their success is impacted by who they are BEING (not just what they are DOING!). So they can 10x the results from any strategy they are already using.
If you’re an ambitious female entrepreneur, who’s ready to create a wildly successful business and limitless life, you’ve come to the right place :)
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Eliminate Doubt and Boost CONFIDENCE and SELF BELIEF.....So You Can Finally Stop Holding Yourself Back And Create The Business Of Your Dreams!  This free 5 day workshop will teach you how to sky rocket your confidence and self belief so that you can smash your goals and create radical change in your business, income and results.


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Master Your Inner Money-Monkeys!


We all have mind monkeys right? Well, unfortunately they luuuuurve to talk about money. And not in a good way!  To create more abundance and wealth in your life and actually increase the flow of money to your business and bank account, you have to manage those money-monkeys. And you can start right here with this free Money Mindset masterclass.


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Female entrepreneurs around the world are mastering their minds & leveraging law of attraction, to transform their businesses (and lives), from the inside-out.
Sarah Love

"Hello, My name is sarah love. I am an independent global educator for hairdressers. I first came to Kirsty feeling overwhelmed with work life balance and family life , struggling to believe in myself , feeling stuck and like I wasn’t able to be a good mum , a good wife a good entrepreneur, I wasn’t able to have it all. Kirsty has really helped guide me , she’s so supportive and is there for me everyday, her 1:1 program has seriously given me the help and support and love that I need. I want to keep her forever is exactly how I feel , she always has the right answers that totally resonate with me and she’s always so wise and gets me back on track."

Joanna Tachibana

"Working with Kirsty was basically like a gym membership for my brain! It completely retrained my mindset and the exercises and resources provided helped me to strengthen my control over the negative thoughts and patterns. 

Kirsty is brilliant at cheering you on, keeping you motivated and being a hugely positive influence whilst also able to pick up on areas you need to work on. 

Overall, I felt more positive and confident in myself and my abilities in years. 

As a result, I started getting more work opportunities (this happened within weeks, without me doing anything differently) and landed an ongoing contract with a dream client, because I started to believe that I was both capable of, and deserved it. 

I'll be repeating the course at regular intervals as a mindset check-in and to continue my growth, and am happy to recommend the program - it really does change you for the better."

Crystal Castle

“I was working on trying to put something out into the world that was just so big and monumental in my head that I was like, there’s no way I can do it! And so I kept procrastinating, putting it off and self sabotaging….. My vision is to create a program that’s like AA, a massive global program that’s been around since the 1930’s. If you can think about AA and how big that is on a global scale, that’s where my mind kept going. Like, there’s no way I can do all this stuff!.....And just being in Unstoppable for the last 6 weeks, I’ve been able to come up with a rough framework and I’m working on getting beta clients to go through it…. It’s kinda funny because I teach mindset, but when it comes to ourselves we have huge blind spots and have a tendancy to think we don’t need outside help.  But that’s not true. We really need help and we need support”

Taken from an interview which you can watch here.

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