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A selection of transformational experiences to help you step into your most unstoppable, successful and aligned CEO self!

"Your Best Year Yet Workshop"

This 3 day workshop has been created to help you review the last 12 months, taking ownership for everything wanted and unwanted. And bringing the good, the bad and the ugly to the surface. This workshop will help you; identify the biggest roadblocks that have held you back over the last 12 months, anchor in all the success and achievements, heal and release the limitations, wounds and disappointments and create the next 12 months from a clean creative & magnetic slate. Get ready to step into a new level YOU with clarity on what you want to create in the next 12 months.


2023 Laser 1:1 Breakthrough Coaching Calls

With 2023 just around the corner, now is the PERFECT time to set powerful intentions and get clear on what you want to bring in, in the New Year. For a limited time only, I’m offering some short, sharp and POWERFUL laser coaching sessions to help you set yourself up for success as we head into 2023, releasing what has held you back and knowing what you want to achieve and who you need to become, to achieve your breakthrough goals. Only 5 spaces a week.


Belief Busting Workshop

Ready to bust some myths and beliefs around money, success and business?  

Use this simple, but powerful, step-by-step process to expose, challenge and eliminate the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from the business and life you’re dreaming of. Say goodbye to lack and scarcity and become magnetic to more abundance, success and joy in your life. This is a great place to start to replace your paradigm!

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Business Breakthrough Bootcamp

Lifetime Access to the recordings from The Business BREAKTHROUGH Bootcamp. To watch and rewatch on demand, at your convenience. Continue to breakthrough to the next level in your business, income & life. And 'recision-proof' your mindset to thrive in any economy

-Without Working Harder...

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Self Image Upgrade

Upgrading your self image is THE FASTEST and most EFFECTIVE way to transform your business, attract more clients & create more income and impact! Transform how you see yourself at a conscious & subconscious level so that you can eliminate doubt, remove your hidden limitations & income ceilings and show up in your business with kick-ass confidence that gets you big results.

This Instant-access, self study workshop will also teach you how to leverage the Law of Attraction and become an energetic match to your income goals so you can finally hit those $10k, $20k, $50k, $100k months. [Without working longer or doing even more]


"I Am A Money Magnet"

Release the hidden money blocks keeping you stuck in your biz! And manifest more money in the next 21 days

-without investing in yet another strategy!

Mastering your money mindset is the QUICKEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to grow your business, make more sales and increase your income, without having to do 'more’. This instant access self study program will help you shift your mindset, energy and actions so that you can manifest E500, £1k, £5k or £21k in the next 21 days (you get to chose). Start eliminating your money blocks right now. 


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Get ALL 4 products: Business Breakthrough Bootcamp, Belief Busting Workshop, Self Image Upgrade, and I am A Money Magnet.

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Unstoppable Programme

The Ultimate transformation program that will help create a radical shift in your business, income and life. Leave your unwanted results and conditions behind as you align your mind, energy and actions to creating a business beyond your wildest dreams and a life without limits.

  •  Learn how to use the power of your mind and law of attraction to hit ANY goal in your income, business and life
  • Identity, eliminate and replace the mind blocks, beliefs and invisible income ceilings that are holding you back
  • Unlock new levels of success, abundance and personal & business growth
  • Walk away as the most aligned and unstoppable version of you to date (in as little as 12 weeks)

This life changing container includes lifetime access to the core content and 3 or 6 months (you chose) in a safe & supportive fully immersive group coaching environment. With weekly workshops / SoulSessions AND coaching to help you break through your own specific challenges every week. Deep support & accountability for radical transformation. 

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VIP 1:1 Coaching Programme

Coaching has been the most transformational in my personal growth and the results I've created in my business and life. It is a fast track to achieving the success you want to create, because you have someone to expose, challenge and help you overcome your hidden blind spots.

This 12 week transformational 1:1 experience that will help you break through your self imposed limitations, eliminate the limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks that are holding you back, tap into your unique and infinite power and become a magnetic force for success and prosperity. 

I will coach you through the most significant mindset shifts and reprogramming that took my business from failing to 7 figures in just over 12 months. And took me from stressed, overwhelmed, burned out and feeling like a failure to successful, empowered, and unstoppable. 

Get ready to rewire your mind for success, radically shift the actions you are taking and become an energetic match to your business goals and life desires. Leveraging Law of Attraction to co-create with you (you're not in this alone!!)

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My Business Has Seen 11x Growth, I Am Happier & More Confident

“My experience working with Kirsty can only be described as Earth shattering. My entire perspective of the world was demolished and she helped me create a new paradigm. I can never go back to the woman I was when we began working together. I can’t un-know what I know. Since I have been working with Kirsty, my business has seen 11x growth and I live in a much happier, more confident, and peaceful state, though I know how much more I have to learn. Kirsty is patient, kind, unbelievably knowledgeable and a savant at helping you reach break-throughs in your mindset. ”





"I Started Getting More Work Opportunities And Landed An Ongoing Contract With A Dream Client"

"Working with Kirsty in the 6 week programme was basically like a gym membership for my brain! It is completely retrained my mindset and the exercises and resources provided helped me to strengthen my control over the negative thoughts and patterns. Kirsty is brilliant at cheering you on, keeping you motivated and being a huge positive influence whilst also be able to pickup on areas you need to work on. Overall, I felt more positive and confident in myself and my abilities in years. As a result, I started getting more work opportunities (this happened within weeks, without me doing anything differently) and landed an ongoing contract with a dream client, because I started to believe that I was both capabale of, and deserved it. I'll be repeating the course at regular intervals as a mindset check-in and to continue my growth, and am happy to recommend the program - it really does change you for the better."





Kirsty Challenged My Map Of The World

"Hello, My name is sarah love. I am an independent global educator for hairdressers. I first came to Kirsty feeling overwhelmed with work life balance and family life, struggling to believe in myself, feeling stuck and like I wasn’t able to be a good mum, a good wife, a good entrepreneur, I wasn’t able to have it all. Kirsty has really helped guide me, she’s so supportive and is there for me everyday, her 1:1 program has seriously given me the help and support and love that I need. I want to keep her forever is exactly how I feel, she always has the right answers that totally resonate with me and she’s always so wise and gets me back on track."




Working with Kirsty was everything I hoped and so much more!

"Working with Kirsty was everything I hoped and so much more! I was drawn to Kirsty from her relatable instagram posts which resonated with me and I wanted to try the 1:1 VIP Coaching. Along with her coaching, Kirsty incorporated the Unstoppable program and the 21-Day Money Magnet Challenge, and all of these have been transformative! Kirsty meets you where you're at. You decide what you want to focus on and she guides you with insight, depth and a sense of humor. There were so many different aspects that we covered in the Unstoppable program and each one built on the next. From releasing the past and limited beliefs to setting goals and reprogramming the mind to creating your vision and new self image to integrating daily practices, getting into alignment and manifestation - and so much more in-between. We worked together and put such a strong foundation in place that I truly feel Unstoppable. Can I say that again? I truly feel unstoppable. And on those days where this may waiver, I have library of resources (videos, workbook, goal cards, session recordings, array of meditation and visualization videos), that I can refer back to at anytime during and after the program. And with the 1:1 coaching, Kirsty is available in between the sessions for questions and encouragement. As I'm recently completing the program, a friend asked me if the coaching I was receiving was worth the cost. My answer was yes, 1000% yes!"





Kirsty Challenged My Map Of The World

"Kirsty helped me to realise that the only barrier to using new skills was my own self-talk. This was a combination of self doubt, low confidence, aversion to risk taking and a habit of finding excuses for inertia. Kirsty challenged my ‘map of the world’ and helped me to see that making the most of an opportunity was a natural behaviour. If I did not try new behaviours then nothing could change. Kirsty is a great coach. Her manner is professional and friendly as she guides her client through experiences which release the client from limiting beliefs. She supports her client to enable exploration of new behaviours and aspirations. She is knowledgeable and skilful, she creates a positive space with her client and does not impose her personal judgements and opinions on the client. She is open and trustworthy."




A Transformational Impact On My Mindset

"Kirsty’s coaching has provided invaluable support to my entrepreneurial journey. She has an incredible ability to keep me focussed, motivated and energised. Even when I start our sessions feeling that there is a bit of a dark cloud hovering over my head, Kirsty is capable of turning things around, signposting the routes for me to regroup and get back on track. And she does that effortlessly, with genuine kindness and an in-depth understanding of how our minds work. She cares deeply about her clients and really wants them to succeed in all their endeavours. I couldn’t recommend Kirsty highly enough; she’s had a transformational impact on my mindset."