Well Hello!


I’m Kirsty, Success Mindset Coach, Law of Attraction Mentor, Serial Online 7 Figure Entrepreneur, Host to the Magnetic Success Podcast and CEO of MindMuse. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur in the online space and living life by my own rules, for over 14 years now. I’ve been through the highs, the lows and everything in between. But one thing that has transformed my entire existence, was learning about my mind, who I really was and the Universal laws that are governing everything we do and create in our lives. 

Your business success isn’t determined by what you’re ‘doing’, it’s determined by who you’re ‘being’.

When my marriage broke down and I became solely responsible for my two girls, I spent several years trying so hard to create financial security and a better life for us.


I invested fully in myself; with time, effort and money. I did all the courses. I learned all the strategies. And I thought I was doing the mindset work.


But nothing I was doing seemed to work. My results did not improve. In fact, they got worse. So bad that I almost lost my business. I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong and why everyone else I looked at seemed to be winning! I was doing EVERYTHING ....(or so I thought).


That's when I realised all my efforts had been outside of me. I was seeking answers externally. I believed there was a 'missing piece' and that I would discover the answer if I just tried one more strategy, one more course, one more book .... But there wasn't a missing piece, or a magic solution.

Kara Noble

Kirsty provided tools and strategies to over come those limiting beliefs, and guided and encouraged me to step into the person inside who is ready and worthy to receive the life I desire. She is a warm and authentic coach who shares her knowledge and understanding from her heart, with a genuine desire to help people succeed.



Lisa Foley

I would highly recommend her programme. Kirsty really knows her stuff. It is ingrained in her being with so much passion and belief and she has an amazing way of articulating her craft. She has been through the journey herself and is therefore able to empathise but also share her mistakes that have led her to where she is today. 



Amanda Wallace

Kirsty's course answered my question and gave me a better understanding of the law of attraction which I will carry with me from now on. Throughout the course which was both fun and soul-searching, things became clearer and every lesson could be applied to my situation as well as other aspects of my life. Yes, this course bought me money, but more importantly it delivered insight into myself and a guide for the future.



Jo Jerodene

Not only would I highly recommend Kirsty, I actually wouldn’t recommend taking another step on this journey without her. If you want to shift your unconscious paradigms and beliefs and take a quantum leap into actually living the vision for your life that you were trying in vain to create all along, don’t wait. You absolutely deserve this level of support.