MindMuse VIP 1:1

Coaching Package


For Female Entrepreneurs Ready To Breakthrough The BS To Create A Thriving Business And Fulfilled Life

This 12 week transformational 1:1 experience that will help you break through your self imposed limitations, eliminate the limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks that are holding you back, tap into your unique and infinite power and become a magnetic force for success and prosperity. 


I will coach you through the most significant mindset shifts and reprogramming that took my business from failing to 7 figures in just over 12 months. And took me from stressed, overwhelmed, burned out and feeling like a failure to successful, empowered, and unstoppable. 

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Just Imagine A Life Where:

  • You understood how to harness the power of your mind to create ANYTHING you wanted in your life 

  • You could recognise and break through any of the old patterns, habits or programming that were holding you back 

  • You had complete faith and belief in yourself, your mission and your business

  • You were in complete alignment with your business, goals and vision 

  • You trusted your own ability, ideas and guidance instead of constantly doubting yourself

  • You woke up every day excited and eager to work on your business

  • You were more patient, understanding and calm 

  • You no longer reacted to unwanted situations and circumstances around you 

  • You created a better work / life balance that allowed more time with your family

  • You balanced the grind with your intuition and leveraged flow so that you can achieve more in less time and avoid burnout 

  • You get out of your head and lead from your heart, moving around each day with a calm confidence and knowing 

  • You stretched yourself and created goals bigger than you have ever dared to dream before. And believed you could hit them!  

  • You were willing to jump out of your comfort zone and discover inner strengths, qualities and talents that you didn’t even realise you had 

  • You learned to acknowledge, celebrate, love and honour yourself.   

  • You stopped waiting to live life and starting living Right Now.

Are You Ready To Become UNSTOPPABLE..?

This Coaching Programme

Will Help You If:

  • You feel stuck in your business. And fed up with getting the same results over and over, no matter how hard you try.  

  • No matter how many courses you buy, how many platforms you are on or how much harder you work, you just can't seem to break the pattern.....  

  • It feels like everything you've tried seems to work for other people, but never for you  

  • You feel like you have reached an income ceiling that you just can’t break through

  • You are struggling to get clients or grow your business 

  • You wish you knew how to create more success/ money/ happiness in your life, with ease 

  • You often feel fear, doubt, overwhelm and worry (this is how the mind keeps you ‘safe’ and playing small) 

  • You struggle with perfectionism or worrying what others think

  • You know you're capable of so much more. 

  • You feel the results you crave just around the corner and you're willing to do whatever it takes. But there just seems to be a missing piece....

It's Not A Strategy Problem, It's A Mindset Problem